Black Sisyphus? What does that mean?
Inspired by the old Greek Mythological tale of Sisyphus, Black Sisyphus is a revision of that story that speaks to the ethos of what we do and why we do it. Black Sisyphus is a space where every push and every creation is a testament to the meaning we find in purpose and the strength we find in each other.

Do I have to be black-identifying to own a hair pick?
Not at all! Our hair pick and display stand is a piece of art and just like it is okay for anyone to own a Kehinde Wiley or Basquiat artwork, it is okay for them to own one of our picks.

How do I use a hair pick?
Our hair picks are functional pieces of art. You can use them to decorate your home or you can use them in a more traditional manner to style your hair. If you'd like to use them as a hair care tool, this is what we recommend:

Wet your hair with a bit of water. Enough to mist your hair, but not too much where it could shrink your hair. We recommend using a spray bottle filled with water for this. Run the pick through your hair and style as desired. If you reach a point of tension, start back from the base and repeat until the point of tension loosens. Do not force through knots or points of tension as this can lead to hair breakage. We do NOT recommend using any hair pick while your hair is completely dry.

Do your hair picks work for all hair types?
Our hair picks are 3D-printed using extra-strength PLA and the highest density settings to ensure they can be used for a wide range of hair types. Whether it is adding volume to 3A hair, rounding out a 4C afro, or adding volume to your beard, our hair picks will get the job done!

How do I style the hair picks in my home?
When used as a home decor piece, our hair pick and display stand set are complimented well by rustic cherry or mahogany woods, but it's also important to style them in whatever way feels right and true to you! If you'd like to share with us how you went about styling them, we would love to see! You can send us an image via email at info@blacksisyphus.com or tag us on Instagram @theblacksisyphus :)

In some of the product descriptions, it mentions small irregularities due to the nature of 3D printing. What does that mean?
The manufacturing process using 3D printing, doesn't naturally produce completely smooth surfaces. Some individuals sand down their projects to get the result of a completely smooth surface, but as an arts-focused studio, we enjoy and embrace the visual quality of texture and prefer that each of our products look and feel unique. It's pro-wabi-sabi over here :).

How do I submit a song lyric for your 'lyric of the week' series?
You can send us the song lyric at info@blacksisyphus.com and include the song title as well as the name of the artist. We can't guarantee when exactly it will be shared, but keep an eye out!

Can I carry your products at my store?
We'd be happy to work together! Please send us an email at info@blacksisyphus.com with a relevant subject and we can discuss further details.