Our Mission

We all have a daily routine that gives us structure and discipline, but sometimes we can get caught up in that routine and start “going through the motions,” living our lives on a sort of autopilot.

At Black Sisyphus, we believe in disrupting this routine through the power of art.

How do we do this?

We identify opportunities in those routines where we can introduce functional pieces of art to make the small moments in our lives more engaging.

Our first product to tackle this was our Hair Pick and Display Stand. We took the iconic hair pick and made it into a piece of art that could be admired in someone’s living room. Instead of just a means to an end, styling one’s hair can now be another opportunity to engage with art.

Our most recent product to tackle this is our Pen Holder/Desktop Organizer. We recognized that the pen holders on our desks were largely just objects to place items in without much thought. With our take on it, we created an eye-catching design that emphasizes the different colours found in each of our supplies, making each piece unique to its user.

These are just some of the ways in which we’ve utilized art to disrupt routine.

Whether it’s enhancing morning routines or adding a touch of inspiration to your workspace, we hope you’ll join us on this journey where art meets everyday life in unexpected ways.

Our Founder

Alexander Robinson is the Founder, Creative Director and CEO of lifestyle brand, Black Sisyphus. 

The arts and philosophy have had a profound impact on Alexander's life and those practices have become the two guiding pillars of what Black Sisyphus represents.

Working from his artist studio based in Toronto, Ontario, with an artful eye, Alexander designs and 3D prints these functional pieces of art while also offering limited-edition prints of his paintings.