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November 29, 2023

“I still light the fire on a rainy night
I still like it better when you
Holding me tight
Now hold it”
- Prince, How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore

November 15, 2023

 “A dream never leaving my sight
A sun never leaving my side”
- Blood Orange, Jewelry

November 1, 2023

"We have a special need
To feel that we belong
Come with me inside
Inside my velvet rope" 
- Janet Jackson, Velvet Rope

October 18, 2023

"I’ve got my own life to live
I’m the one that’s going to have to die
When it’s time for me to die
So let me live my life
The way I want to, yeah"
- Jimi Hendrix, If 6 was 9

October 4, 2023

“Check in on your strong friends
Tap in with your brother, sister,
We gon’ keep it solid”

September 20, 2023

“Let love define you
Everything that I’ve been looking for
Is waiting for a chance to be”
- Sidibe, Ready Enough